Description -- Temperware Line. Brown edge rings on a light brown body. Decorated pieces in this pattern have stylized, multicolored flowers and butterflies. 6 3/8" diameter. Excellent used condition with no damage. Issued from 1974 - 1981. Current (10/09) replacement value $5.99. Historical Data -- Lenox is the name of a porcelain maker. Walter Scott Lenox and Jonathan Coxon, Sr., founded the Ceramic Art Company in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1889. In 1906, Lenox left and started his own company called Lenox. The company makes a porcelain that is similar to Irish Belleek. Lenox was bought by Department 56 in 2005. The marks used by the firm have changed through the years and collectors prefer the earlier examples. (Source - Kovels)