Description -- California Pottery, Montecito Shape, Plaid Line, Artist: Gale Turnbull. 8 1/8" upper diameter x 3/ 1/2" foot ring x 1 1/2" high. Green and yellow plaid, green trim. Gingham was first issued in 1949 and was discontinued in 1958. Excellent used condition, no chips, cracks or crazing. Replacement value $15.99. Great deco piece for the country kitchen. Historical Data -- Vernon Kilns was established in 1931 when Faye Bennison purchased the old Poxen China Facility. They operated from 1931 until bought by Metlox in 1958 to become their Vernonware division. Gale Turnbull -- In 1936, Vernon Kilns of California hired celebrated painter and engraver Gale Turnbull as their art director. Turnbull had gained fame in Europe and America, and had already received recognition for his contributions to Leigh Potteries of Alliance, Ohio, and Sebring Pottery, of East Liverpool, Ohio. One of Turnbull's trademarks would be his emphasis of color in the Vernon Kilns lines, and a technique of underglaze printing, which would revolutionize the industry. He left the company in the early 1940's but his influence remained for the duration of the companies history. C1-003(1111)