Description-- California Pottery, Vernonware Division, Della Robbia Shape. Circle of multicolored fruits and flowers carved on a white background. In my opinion, Della Robbia is one of the most beautiful sculpted patterns that Metlox has ever marketed. Each piece is a handpainted work of art. The pattern was named for the Della Robbia family of 15th & 16th century Italian ceramists. First issued in 1965 and discontinued in 1986. Replacement value $7.99. Vintage Advertising -- METLOX BROCHURE 1974 - Vernon Della Robbia ...the richness of a California harvest! A luxuriously carved border of fruit, flowers and foliage, hand-painted with 531 brush strokes in green, yellow, brown and orange on an antique white background. A truly handsome pattern for your most elegant party tables...adds a 'special' look to simple family meals. Historical Data-- The beginning of Metlox Manufacturing Company dates back to 1927 in Manhattan Beach, Ca when Willis and T. C. Prouty became interested in producing the ceramic portion of neon signs.Metlox Manufacturing Company was incorporated in the state of California in 1933. Metlox Manufacturing Company's incorporation was terminated on January 4, 1986. (K4-051)(1111)